The WCSFP’s annual conference (Congress) is the pre-eminent international event where the factual media community gathers to share, explore and reveal how science, history and other content-rich subjects are communicated to a mass audience. Held in a different city and country every year, it provides insight into global market and editorial trends, and showcases excellence in the creation of ‘smart content’.

Congress aims to inspire and build a global community of those working at the cutting edge of factual media communication, together with those aspiring to do so. Renowned for its independent, open and collaborative atmosphere, and its serendipitous networking connections, Congress strives to offer its attendees a programme of high-quality networking, inspirational speakers, discussions and professional development sessions, and privileged access to the content-creators, experts and executives who are leading factual media across the globe.

The WCSFP is a not-for-profit company with a Board of Directors who work with an Editorial Advisory Committee, the Conference Director and Documentary Campus. 

Documentary Campus is one of Europe's most renowned training initiatives for media professionals, offering tailored workshops and events to help them succeed in the international non-fiction industry.  It connects emerging and established filmmakers with co-producers and commissioners and is known for having one of the largest networks of media professionals globally.