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World Congress of Science and Factual Producers

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2007 Board of Directors & Steering Committee

Board of Directors

  • John Lynch, BBC (UK) Steering Committee and Board Chair
  • Stuart Mullin, Wall to Wall (UK) Secretary
  • Ann Julienne, France 5 (France)
  • Daryl Karp, Film Australia (Australia)
  • Wally Longul, JKJ-TV International (Canada)
  • Thomas Schreiber, NDR Television (Germany)

Steering Committee

  • Jared Lipworth, Thirteen/WNET New York (USA) Co-Chair
  • Daniela Bagliani, RTA SpA (Italy)
  • André Barro, Cirrus (Canada)
  • Steve Burns, National Geographic Channel (USA)
  • Fabrice Estève, Gédéon Programmes (France)
  • Hamish Mykura, Channel 4 (UK)
  • Sonya Pemberton, Pemberton Films (Australia)
  • Michael Rosenfield, National Geographic Televisions (USA)
  • Susan Werbe, The History Channel (USA)

Editorial Director

  • Alison Leigh, Independent Producer, Leigh Brown Productions (Australia)