Brisbane, Australia | November 27–30, 2018

World Congress of Science and Factual Producers

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2009 Session Producers

  • Richard Bradley, Managing Director, Lion Television (UK)
  • Margie Bryant, Executive Producer, Serendipity Productions (Australia)
  • Tony Chow, Director, Off the Fence Singapore (Singapore)
  • Mike Cowap, Development Manager, Innovation (Melbourne), Screen Australia (Australia)
  • Laurie Critchley, Executive Producer, Australian Documentaries (Australia)
  • Maryanne Culpepper, Executive Vice President, Development, National Geographic Television (USA)
  • Jennifer Cummins, Producer, Heiress Films (Australia)
  • Matt Drummond, Managing Director, Hive Studios (Australia)
  • David Dugan, Chairman, Windfall Films (UK)
  • Amanda Evans, Executive Producer, Pacific Screen (New Zealand)
  • Phil Fairclough, EVP Development and Production, Creative Differences (USA)
  • Chris Haws, Senior Science Advisor/ Executive Producer & Head of Production, The Science Channel/Experius Academy (USA)
  • Jonathan Hewes, Deputy Chief Executive, Wall to Wall (UK)
  • Jeremy Hogarth, Writer/Director, GulliverMedia (Australia)
  • Steve Humphries, Managing Director, Testimony Fims (UK)
  • Diana Ingraham, Managing Director/Conference Director, US Independents/SILVER DOCS (USA)
  • Claire Jager, Investment/Development Manager, Documentary, Screen Australia (Australia)
  • Ann Julienne, Head of International Development, France Télévisions (France)
  • Daryl Karp, Managing Director, Tattooed Media (Australia)
  • Kirstie McLure, Head of Production, Pioneer Productions (UK)
  • Bill Margol, Director: Science, Archaeology & History, National Geographic Television (USA)
  • Gillian Mosely, Producer, medialab (UK)
  • Julia Overton, Investment/Development Manager, Screen Australia (Australia)
  • Elizabeth Radshaw, Director, Toronto Documentary Forum, Hot Docs (Canada)
  • Sara Ramsden, Independent Executive Producer (UK)
  • Penny Robins, Executive Producer/Producer (Australia)
  • Judy Rymer, Producer, Rymer Childs (Australia)
  • Robyn Smith, Associate Producer, Australian Documentaries (Australia)
  • Nacressa Swan, Producer, Darlow Smithson Productions (UK)
  • Werner Vennewald, Producer, Monaco Film (Germany)
  • Meg Villarreal, Director, US Independents (USA)
  • Ellen Windemuth, CEO, Off the Fence (Netherlands)
  • Tony Wright, Managing Director, December Films (Australia)