Speed Dating

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Speed Dating is a great way for independent producers to connect one-on-one with decision makers. This year's decision makers include Blue Ant Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, ITV Studios, National Geographic, NOVA/GBH, PBS Nature, TVF International, ZDF and more!

For Congress '23, we will be using the B.Square online matching tool to better facilitate the Speed Dating experience. There are two key steps to the application process:

  • Profile Creation: Upon completing the application form, your info will be used for an online profile and a meeting inbox. Subsequently, you will receive an email invitation allowing you to set up your account password. In B.square you will be requested to upload photos, stills and logos to complete customized visual.
  • Meeting Requests: Browse the list of participating Decision Makers and tailor your meeting requests to align with your project's genre and format, based on the criteria you provided in the form. Keep track of acceptances and any changes in plans. Schedules will be lock before traveling to Seattle.

Applications are closed. Speed Dating will take place on November 29 & 30 from 4:30 to 5:30 pm at Congress '23 in Seattle.

Close Encounters of the Funding Kind

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The popular Close Encounters of the Funding Kind sessions offer direct industry intelligence from broadcasters, platforms and funders who either commission science and history programs from independent producers or who provide significant funding or support.