2010 Wellcome Trust Mentoring Program for Emerging Talent Participants

Frank Adiga (UK)
Frank has been a research chemist for the past six years and a science manager for the past four years. He obtained a BSc in Chemistry with Biochemistry, MSc in Drug Discovery and an MBA and was the recipient of a Cancer Research UK Studentship in Drug Discovery. Frank currently works at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Susannah Boyles (UK)
Having grown up in Oman and Zimbabwe, Susannah moved to the UK when she was ten. She has worked in television production for the last six years, with the majority of her time spent working on science documentaries. Susannah has worked with all of the BBC channels and has experience working on documentaries, magazine shows and observational programs.

J Chamary (UK)
After a PhD in evolutionary genetics at the University of Bath, J completed a post-doc at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, where he was later awarded an EMBO long-term fellowship. After returning to the UK in 2007, J completed a two-week internship at Focus, BBC’s popular science magazine. His first film, Destruction Therapy, helped him win BBC’s Rising Star of the Year award in 2009.

Michelle Coomber (UK)
A producer and director, Michelle is working on a doc about the neuroscience of navigation, funded by the Wellcome Trust and shot in HD in North America earlier this year. Once a social issues filmmaker, she is keen to move into science filmmaking. Recent works on forced sterilization, HIV and Cambodian garment workers, and the Buriganga River have been broadcast by BBC, CNN, CNBC, ITV and Al Jazeera.

Corinna Luecke (Germany)
Corinna has worked since November 2009 as a junior producer at Leonardo Film in Oldenburg. Before moving into broadcasting, she worked in print journalism, writing a range of articles on health, nutrition, medical research and gene technology for DER SPIEGEL and others. In 2008, she obtained a diploma degree in Geography at the University of Hamburg.

Smitha Mundasad (UK)
After having trained and worked as a medical doctor, Smitha recently obtained a masters in science journalism. During the course, Smitha developed a passion for science documentary production, making several award-winning short films. Smitha produces science articles and podcasts, and works on ideas with the hope they will one day make it to the screen.

Beverly Prosser (UK)
In 2008, Beverly completed her Ph.D. researching the pathology of agerelated macular degeneration and Neisserial Menigitis at Oxford University funded by the Wellcome Trust. Throughout her studies, Beverly took part in the Wellcome Trust/NewScientist essay competition, travelled to Doc/Fest with the Wellcome Trust, and has since started a career in television production, working for BBC, Darlow Smithson and Windfall Films.

Greg Karl Szulgit (UK)
With a Ph.D. in Marine Biology and B.A. in Biology, Greg taught university science for over 20 years, has consulted for film and TV, and has been sought out for many speaking events. With his recent M.Sc in Science Media Production, Greg has produced magazine articles, films and podcasts, completed a work study in media-casting at British Medical Journal, and is currently trying to break into scientific and factual media production.