2010 Emerging Markets Bursary Program Participants

Mahboubeh Honarian, Producer and Director (Iran)
Mahboubeh Honarian completed a BA in media and cultural studies and her MSc in engineering multimedia in the United Kingdom. Since then, Mahboubeh has been working as a producer and director on different documentaries related to social issues, such as homelessness, drugs and abuse, with an emphasis on women and children. She has produced and directed a broad range of documentary films and different programs for TV series on subjects of social/cultural/science issues in Iran. In 2008, Mahboubeh was a guest filmmaker at the Hot Docs Festival discussion panel, Spotlight on Iran.

Attila Dávid Molnár, Founder, Filmjungle.eu (Hungary)
Attila Dávid Molnár lives in Budapest, Hungary, with his wife and three children. He made his first film, Evolution, at the age of 10, and at the age of 17 directed a short documentary series for Hungarian public television. Later in his career Molnár worked as an underwater cameraman for wildlife films, a cameraman at the DELTA scientific magazine and then as a script writer and scientific editor of natural history documentaries for SPEKTRUM TV. In 1996, Attila launched Filmjungle.eu, an independent production company. With more than 30 international awards, Filmjungle.eu has become the most successful natural history production unit in the region. Attila has his M.Sc. in marine microbiology and a B.Sc. in filmmaking.

Simon Taylor, Producer, Periphery Films (South Africa)
Simon went to school in Esigodini, Zimbabwe, and received his post-graduate degree in political science at the University of Cape Town. He has made films in South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. Before working for Periphery, he worked for Chase Manhattan Bank and Brunswick Financial PR in London. He has worked for FOXsports, SABC, Al-Jezeera, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Comedy Central USA, and on a number of independent films. He is currently working as a production consultant for the Western Cape Department of Health.

Lara Velho, Producer, Video Director and Founder, Terra Brasilis Films (Brazil)
Lara Velho is a director, producer and the founder of Terra Brasilis Films, an independent production company that creates and produces talk shows, musical shows, documentaries, feature films and TV series on Brazilian culture, science and history. For the last seven years, Lara has been developing and producing projects for Canal Brasil. Working with some of the most important scientific institutions in Brazil—at the Natural History Museum, Rio de Janeiro—Lara has been developing a series of documentaries registering the work of scientists and professors on expeditions, field and laboratory research. The mission of these projects is to promote an approach between scientific subjects and the public.