Call for Submissions: What's the Buzz 2023

August 8, 2023

Session sq

Session producers Tom Brisley and Dan Salerno want your best suggestions for this year's What's the Buzz session!

How people access content is evolving so we want What's the Buzz to evolve too. We want it to include the most eye-catching, stimulating and captivating content you've seen over the past 12 months. What was standout, made you think twice or made you wish you'd had the idea first? It can be a 10-second short or mega-long series.

We're looking for the best content from across the world from any platform–the more variety, the better–streamer, broadcaster, network, cable, digital, internet, socials. The only proviso–it's got to have a nod towards factual. Who are the YouTubers or TikTokers redefining science content, what are the rare jewels being shown on national broadcasters wherever they may be in the world, what are the stand out docs you've seen on the streamers?

We know you're stretched for time so there is no complicated form to fill in. Simply email to [email protected] and download your stream of consciousness–what you saw, where and when you think you saw it and why you think it's buzz worthy. Then, leave the rest to us to track it down and find a way of including it.

For What's the Buzz to work we need your input and we look forward to hearing what you think should be showcased.