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Congress is the home of smart content—an event where content creators, producers, broadcasters and distributors can be on the cutting edge of working in science, history and non-fiction media. A place to discover the future trends and technology across all platforms and connect with the creators and executives leading your field.

Join us for this year's event in Brisbane, Australia, from November 27 to 30.
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Content Producers

Connect with broadcasters and distributors to license existing content and commission new programs.

Broadcasters & Distributors

Find great content for distribution, along with ways to monetize works and reach new audiences.

Digital Tech Companies

Develop business relationships with broadcasters, online publishers and production companies.

Past Guest Speakers

Margaret Atwood

Author (Canada)


Dr. Brian Cox

Physicist (UK)


Obi Felten

X Foundry (USA)


Dr. Ben Feringa

Nobel Laureate (Netherlands)


John Ford



Cmdr. Chris Hadfield

Astronaut (Canada)


Vanessa Hill

BrainCraft (Australia)


Michael Hirst

Vikings (UK)


Michio Kaku

Physicist (USA)


Walter Köhler

Terra Mater Factual Studios (Austria)


Jim Louderback

Vidcon/Social Starts (USA)


Jane McGonigal

Institute for the Future (USA)


Veronica McGregor

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA)


Michael Mosley



Derek Muller

Veritasium (Australia)


Karen Palmer

Interactive Film (UK)


Sonya Pemberton

Genepool Productions (Australia)


Anna Rothschild

Gross Science (USA)


Ed Sayer

Discovery Networks International (UK)


Jason Spingarn-Koff

Netflix (USA)


Llewellyn Smith

Bluespark Collaborative, LLC (USA)


Michael Stevens

Vsauce (USA)


Andy Taylor

Little Dot Studios (UK)


Mark Thompson

The New York Times Company (USA)



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